These Are The The Majority OfOne Of The Most Creative Paintings Of All Time, According To A Computer

 Jun, 23 - 2015   Uncategorized

As much as they may attempt, some people simply don’t “get” art. Comprehending pieces by even the most popular masters of the category avoid them. Now computer researchers from Rutgers University are taking the guesswork out of comprehending art by using an algorithm to figure out the most imaginative paintings, according to a research just recently released in the arxiv.The research authors define creativity as “the creativity of the product and its prominent value. “However innovative art only exists in the context of other pieces of art, so the researchers requiredhad to compare paintings gradually based upon their visual elements, such as the naturalness of their shapes, the scenes they portray, the intensity of their color, and the complexity of the patterns in them.The researchers used countless these measures on two datasets each containing 62,000 paintings. Such huge datasets allowed the algorithm to draw connections between the paintings based on their artistic functions as well as their time periodperiod.

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