The World’s Oldest Computer Came With A Built In GuidelineUser’s Manual

 Jul, 09 - 2016   Uncategorized

From a few words figured out on the twisted, corroded fragments of bronze gears and plates, experts thought the Antikythera System – called after the southern Greek island off which it was found – was an astronomical instrument.

But much more stayed concealed out of sight.After more than a years efforts using advanced scanning equipment, a worldwide team of researchers has now read about 3,500 characters of explanatory text, a quarter of the original, in the innards of the 2,100-year-old remains.The findings

revealed it was a kind of theorists guide to the galaxy.Now we have texts

that you can actually check out as ancient Greek, exactly what we had before was like something on the radio with a lot of static, stated Teacher Alexander Jones, a professor of the history of ancient science at New York University.

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