Defence Workers Abuse Taxpayer-funded Charge Card

 Jun, 06 - 2016   Uncategorized

Defence Department staff billed taxpayers more than $3.3 million for events at private golf courses, sports memberships and home entertainment over 3 years, a damning audit report says.The audit

exposed foreign workers also used the departments charge card to invest nearly $1 million, prompting management to look for adviceconsult on how to tighten constraints.

Defence staff charged taxpayers for more than 1200 taxi trips in between 1am and 4am over 3 years. Picture: Ryan Osland More than 1200 taxi journeys between 1am and

4am were billed to taxpayers over three years, with the Auditor-General keeping in mind that little work-related travel was expected during these hours. These journeys did not consist of airport-related travel.Defence workers also utilized more than$35,000 of taxpayer money to pay for traffic fines in the audited period.When a Defence employee sped through a school zone in Western Sydney, the $278 fine was paid on a federal government charge card. The motorists unit was provided with a $1258 fine for cannot nominate the individual accountable, however that, too, was credited the public.Credit card limitations range from$ 500 to an incredible $2 million. Three cards had a$1 million limit; another 107 cards were topped at$250,000.

In 2014, 125 Defence staff members had cumulative access to $13 million of taxpayers cash.

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